How do you know which tablet to buy?

Although personal computers also have their space for this purpose, tablets have some advantages, so it is essential that you are clear about the daily needs to choose the device that best suits them. Tablets, in general, tend to be more affordable, versatile and versatile for general use. That is, they are ideal both for entertainment (surfing the Internet, using streaming television services to watch your favorite movies or series, making video calls) and for daily school tasks on tablets  (using, for example, office automation applications).

In the post ” Equip yourself with the best technology tablets  ” we told you that there are many types of tablets and for a correct choice you should pay special attention to aspects of functionality such as connectivity (only WiFi or also cellular) screen size, storage memory (although today there are a large number of Cloud solutions), operating system or aesthetics (colors, weight and size). In addition, some models have eye protection to reduce eyestrain, especially in younger children.

Keep in mind that you also have the possibility of adding accessories to the tablet, such as an external keyboard to write more comfortably, and even a pencil to draw or take notes.

The best tablets for kids of 2021

As we have mentioned, the best tablet will depend on the needs of each child. You can find a wide variety in terms of size, screen resolution, memory, WiFi or 4G connectivity to continue accessing the internet on vacation and for children to enjoy a well-deserved rest watching their favorite series or reviewing pending subjects. We tell you the 11 best tablets for children of 2021 with the best value for money, comfortable to use and with the best screen quality to take care of the eyes of the little ones:

  • LENOVO TAB M10 : The most affordable family tablet with an HD screen and dual front speakers with immersive Dolby sound and an extremely thin and light profile.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 : 10.1 ”TFT LCD screen for a great audiovisual experience and an outstanding three-dimensional Dolby Atmos surround sound system.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A : Premium metallic finish and outstanding three-dimensional Dolby Atmos surround sound system
  • Huawei Mediapad T5 and M5 : Premium and refined design with octa-core processor. Features an eye comfort mode that reduces harmful blue light to create healthy reading conditions


The Fire 7 is a good choice for several reasons. The most interesting are its robustness, simplicity and  its price : since we are looking at tablets for children’s use, being cheap is an incentive to buy. If it is the first tablet that you are going to acquire for your children, this one from Amazon is a serious option to value.

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