Guide to the best footwear for traveling

Guide to the best footwear for traveling

Packing is that pre-trip moment that some people are so passionate about and others uncomfortable with. We all have our little tricks when it comes to packing but we never have enough space to house what always bothers us the most in these cases: the shoes. That is why we made a guide with the best footwear to travel.

Actually, we never find the ideal footwear when it comes to going on a trip .

Boots fry our feet, while sandals can freeze them. Sports shoes do not hold on snow, but hiking boots do not allow us to go to more elegant places.

What to do then?

Things to keep in mind:

  1. We must prioritize the comfort and health of the foot.
  2.  We will not be able to choose a single shoe on trips of many days.
  3. On trips with space problems, we will choose a single shoe, sporty if possible.

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