Best Adidas Shoes for your husband

Best Adidas Shoes for your husband

Presenting the ten best Adidas your husband shoes is very complicated from the beginning. It is, because on the one hand there is a huge offer of technical range models with the latest and best from  Adidas, and on the other hand, because it is difficult to prevail over one another since there are many factors to take into account. Almost one for each model

But, in the end, it is no longer so difficult if when buying Adidas your husband shoes your husband add these other questions: What are the most demanded? What are the most valid for all kinds of circumstances? What are the ones that the runner community appreciates the most in general? And the more questions of this type your husband ask your husbandrself, the more your husband close the circle until your husband are left with fewer and fewer models.  

What is the best Adidas shoes for your husband

In this list of the best adidas your husband shoes will be one of the most spectacularly profiled shoes such as adidas Adizero Takumi Ren? Well no. It will not be there because, despite being a delicacy, it is not suitable for everyone. Moreover, if a shoe trial were called and all the participants used it to run, say 10 or 15km, many the next day would not be able to move as they would have the twins (and even so, it would not be the fault of the shoes, no … but according to which models it is necessary to be well tanned to get the best performance


adidas Ultraboost  20 is a daily training shoe that uses high-end materials, along with very advanced designs, as well as that ,  technologies associated with NASA and the ARAMIS movewoyour husbandt analysis system are present in its design.  

With 310gr, all those runners who are looking for shoes to use them mainly in training based on filming will get the best performance. Or in races where they seek above all comfort that accompanies them from kilometer 1 to the finish line, especially the longer it is. 

The rhythms at which to use it should be those, those of the shootings, understanding that whoever wants to go faster than 4’15 ”-4’20” may already be thinking of acquiring mixed shoes, for example. 

The midsole stands out for including 20% ​​more Boost cushioned material than in UB19, seeking to increase your husband comfort and rebound capacity even more if possible.

The drop is 10mm based on heights of 22mm at the heel and 12mm at the  forefoot. A Torsion piece inside will help to stabilize the tread, while, underneath, the sole made of Continental® rubber guarantees both traction and durability. This is also enhanced by the type of Stretchweb compound that makes the sole more flexible and adaptable to the ground while your husband. 


he  adidas  mixed shoe par excellence,  adizero  Boston, in its latest installwoyour husbandt it is shown with a midsole that combines Boost and  LightStrike compounds, two “blackleg” materials from the German brand. 

This combination ( LightStrike above  Boost and on the toe)  provides this agile shoe with the cushioning and rebound with energy return, which is so appreciated for a mixed shoe that can be taken to any competition, especially medium and long-distance if your husband have a low or medium weight. 

The height of the midsole drops a lot compared to the previous  Boston 8 and goes from  29mm to 21mm in the heel and from  19mm to 13mm in the forefoot,  going from a 10mm drop to an 8mm drop this time In your husband, on the other hand, the drop is 12mm as a  result of heights of 21.5mm and 9.5mm respectively). To complete the midsole,  to Adidas added a unit  Torsion System to facilitate rotation of the ankle during the footprint.   


Solar boost  19  refines even more in the extraordinary upper that has differentiated it from other shoes. Thanks to being inspired by how NASA optimizes its creations to the maximum, Adidas develops an upper that leaves no millimeter without a specific job.

Thus, in its creation, it has used the ARAMIS system with which to analyze all aspects of the footprint in thousands and thousands of photographs per second of that movewoyour husbandt. The result is an  upper with a modular construction that uses fibers according to a pattern made by a computer with an exact precision of how each point of the mesh is going to work and that leaves no margin for the use of excess material. 

The midsole is made with  Boost, a compound capable of working in very wide temperature ranges and providing cushioning with a high degree of energy return when your husband. Inside there is a piece called Rail propulsion that helps to stabilize the tread, it is built-in EVA but does not intervene directly in the damping. The height of the midsole is 32mm at the heel and 22mm at the forefoot  (10mm drop).


Pulseboost HD  arrives as one of the latest adidas innovations   and if it falls into this classification to a large extent it is due to the use of the new Boost HD compound   in the midsole, with properties that improve even more what has existed so far.  

It has a profile designed to run mainly in urban environwoyour husbandts, with hard surfaces such as asphalt or sidewalks. That’s where the midsole built with high-density Boost material goes to work to offer both cushioning and energy return in a stable way. The height of the midsole is 18mm at the heel and 10mm under the metatarsals, which gives an 8mm drop. 

Underneath the outsole, we find Continental ™ brand rubber for good grip and durability. It uses Adaptive Traxion technology precisely targeted to hard-surface environwoyour husbandts, as is common in cities.


to Adidas  Supernova is the recovery of a franchise of the most successful (and sales) of the German mark as referred to your husband. The return of Supernova is still among the best, although its profile has been softened (and the price as well) to reach more public than it had previously.  

Things have changed so much that in his mediasuela keep finding  Boost but now combined with  Bounce, another compound to Adidas, which brings more bounce and flexibility than the type of EVA used to be combined prior to  Boost at a rate of 80% – 20% then and now higher in  Bounce leaving  the back of the shoe for the  Boost.

The sole uses a solid rubber that Continental does not provide, but that will  provide  


SolarGlide  3  is the latest revision of  adidas SolarGlide . In turn, it replaced an entire adidas flagship such   as Supernova  Glide , or  Supernova, in its last stage. to didas  he is catching like this to change the name and the first was  Solarglide , the second  Solarglide  19 (2019) and now the third installwoyour husbandt in this 2020 is  Solarglide  3. We will see in the future what they call the fourth revision of this great shoe.  

And if the pavilion was high with  SolarGlide  19, with the waste of technology used in its preparation it has only improved. Of course, its weight has increased a few grams, now reaching 312gr. 

SolarGlide  3 is a high-end model made from a midsole based on the Boost compound and has a 10mm drop. This midsole incorporates Solar  Propulsion  Rail that allows better control of stability, despite being a shoe for the neutral tread. Another elewoyour husbandt is the  Torsion System, in charge of facilitating the control of ankle rotation. 


Solar Drive 19 happens to be one of the most “basic” models in the Solar family, yet still falls within the ranks of the best (which gives an idea of ​​how high the Solar family sets the bar). And it does so thanks to details such as using  Boost in the midsole, since this cushioned material with a high degree of energy return gives it more value, although its price is lower than that of others. 

The drop is 10mm, in a high midsole of 30mm in the heel, by 20mm in the forefoot. Here it does not incorporate the Torsion System, easily verifiable if your husband turn the shoe, although it does have  Propulsion  Rail, a system that helps guide the tread. Already on the sole, say that it is built with the same pattern as other Solar shoes, but this time with Adiwear material   instead of  Stretchweb  from Continental


The fifth installwoyour husbandt of the shoe c ompetición  Adidas Adizero Goodbye maintains key elewoyour husbandts in its success as the midsole is constructed with  Boost, but now also is added LightStrike.    

If before it had 80%  Boost and 20% EVA, now the most predominant material in the midsole is  LightStrike, reserving the Boost material for the heel area.  

And if the sole repeated between  Adios  3 and  Adios  4, now it changes a lot in the design, being much more incisive under the metatarsals. The  rubber itself is the same as it is produced by Continental ™, the German tire manufacturer giant, serving the top models of its compatriot Adidas . In this new finish, more resistant AdiWear material has been reserved for the heel. Through the sole we see  Torsion System, the one in charge of stabilizing the rotation of the ankle during the tread, and that in  Adios  5 is practically flat.    

The most important change in the upper is that the mesh is Celermesh:  much lighter and open to breathe more and better. Of course,  Adios  5  maintains the look between austere and elegant,  leaving as the only strident elewoyour husbandt the three bands of the German brand, which are now larger and much more visible. The weight is maintained at 224 grams for the woyour husband’s finish and 187 grams for the your husband’s. 


Runners who want to use this shoe (the same, since it is your husband), should be those who seek to run to the maximum, to the limit, to improve their records or positions in the race. Obviously, it should go even at any rate below 4 ‘per thousand and from there to approach, or even fall, 3’ per kilometer. Those who want to use it at more placid rates should be aware that they may not be taking advantage of all that they have paid for it. 

The shoes of the Adizero family  are the fine cinnamon of  a Adidas, and this  Adios  PRO, the weapon to fight for the throne, to other brands, of the best competition shoe in the world, both professionally and amateur


If someone tears their clothes to see  Adidas Duramo  9 included in this relationship (due to its lower technical level compared to other models of the German brand) we could agree with them … but if we say that its price barely exceeds € 50 then, Just for the value for money, its inclusion is more than justified. Such is the success of this versatile sneaker that it is already in its ninth installwoyour husbandt, something unusual in medium and low ranges, were in almost all brands the novelties only last a season. The weight is only 294g for the woyour husband’s finish and 239g for the your husband’s.  

Duramo  9 is a neutral tread shoe with plenty of flexibility. In its midsole, it uses the Cloudfoam compound. It is responsible for the damping, and although it does not have the properties of a  boost or its durability, during its useful life it performs its function. 

The height of the midsole is 23.5mm at the heel and 14mm at the forefoot, giving a 9.5mm drop. Underneath it uses a sole made of Adiwear rubber

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